About This Blog

Mr. Shock’s World is an old idea of mine that I basically didn’t have the confidence or courage to actually start. I constantly talked myself out of pulling the trigger on it. I doubted my ability to come up with ideas and write about them on a regular basis. I figured I’d just be one of who knows how many one or two post blogs that are out there and never hear from again.

It was that reason that I started working with a couple of friends on another blog, Carpe Noctem. I had this idea that if I wasn’t the only one coming up with content, then it would be easier to do and the pressure would be off. The main objective of Carpe was to create and enjoy the creation process. We did limit the overall theme of things to geekdom and since we are all geeks that worked.

Carpe got me back into the habit of writing and it has helped show me that I can come up with enough things to carry this blog. For that reason, I have decided to strike off on my own and start my own thing. I will still do periodic posts to Carpe, but it will no longer be my main focus. If nothing else Carpe got me writing again and has helped give me the courage to try doing this on my own. So to my friends who helped get it started and got me started, I say thank you. This here would not have really begun without you.

Overall, I just want to thank you, the readers, who have and will take the time to read my musings.


2 responses to “About This Blog

  1. Thank you for the follow Mr Shock! You’ll have to bare with me, I’m new to the blogging scene, so my blogs not up to much yet! A working progress 🙂


    • Completely understand. Been at this a short time myself and am still trying to figure things out as well. I’m sure you’ll do fine and I look forward to reading your posts when you’re ready.

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