Welcome to My World

latest-happy-new-year-2016-photosHello and welcome. Some of you may remember me from before. I used to write pretty regularly here a couple of years ago until I had some medical problems that put me in and out of the hospital for most of 2014. I wanted to get back to writing during that time, but let me tell you…it’s difficult being creative when you’re not well. My full medical ordeal ended back in March of 2015 and I’ve spent the rest of the year getting myself back to where I was, or at least as close as I can get.

I decided to clean house here. I moved all my old articles and posts over to Past Articles, which now has a drop down menu breaking down all my old articles by month. For those not familiar with me, I hope you might go and take a look. For those who’ve read my work in the past, you can take another look. If there was a particular article you wanted to reread again and can’t seem to find it, let me know and I’ll post a link.

Overall, this post is just to open the doors again. I’m back and plan on making a major effort to post here regularly. I’ve got some new goals for the new year and beyond and hope that this post is just the beginning of it all.

So to everyone old and new….Happy New Year!