All I Want Is a Little Change of Pace

Just a quick rant to start off with. I’ve come to hate April Fools Day. It’s not the pranks, I enjoy a good one whether April the first or not. What I don’t like is when websites get into the game. I have various websites I check pretty much daily for news and information on various topics. I avoided those yesterday. I didn’t want to have to scroll through any number of prank entries just to get to real information. Even looking today, I saw some still had the joke entries in their feeds. It’s the day after, take them down for Pete’s sake.

Ok, enough of that, on to the main topic.

I spent the weekend up in a small town in northeast Kentucky. I usually get up there at least twice a year to visit family, Christmas and Easter. I always enjoy myself there, I love the pace of the things in a smaller town. Granted times have changed all over and the town isn’t the same as it was growing up there, but on some things it still remains the same.

For instance, most things actually were closed on Easter (they are closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving too, but I wasn’t blogging then). That’s a pretty big thing, considering we live in a 24/7 365 day world now. A quick drive through town and the area in general showed more businesses closed for the day than open. I may be a little old fashioned, but I was pleased to see that.

Conversations a day or two before Easter had more to do with, where people were gathering for dinner (who’s house, not what restaurant), what family was coming into town and deciding when during the day to go over and visit with relatives. The holidays in general seem more geared to family there than where I live now.

I remember growing up that generally everything was closed on the main holidays. I remember having to get to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving, and the other mobs of people who were getting last minute items before the stores closed for the day. I remember when you had to drive around a good bit to find an open gas station to hopefully buy batteries for a Christmas toy.

I remember when holidays were special, and even business owners understood that. I understand the nature of the world today, but would it be so bad to have 3 days out of 365 to take a break from the constant consumerism that we all are a part of? 3 days to decompress. 3 days to spend with family, friends or other loved ones.

Would 3 days like that change the world, nah. But it would be a nice change of pace now and then.


Originally published April 2, 2013