Happy -50th Anniversary of First Contact Day

According to the Star Trek timeline, 50 years from today Zefram Cochran will make the first Warp flight getting attention from the Vulcans who will make first contact with us. The real kicker is, theoretically he could be alive today, just a kid looking up at the stars and dreaming. In case you’re wondering, if my last name was Cochran…I’d be trying so hard to have a kid to name Zefram.

I know all that above is fictional, which is a good thing. If it was real, well let’s just say there was a lot of bad stuff that happened here on Earth leading up to that flight. It did however get me thinking about where we might be in 50 years. What kind of technology will we have? How far in space will we have gotten by that time?

I’ve only been around for 41 years and I’ve seen so much progress. For those my age or a little older, think about it. We’ve seen TVs go from giant heavy boxes to inches thin and light. We’ve seen the birth of the mobile phone, the birth of the internet, the birth of video games, the birth of cable, along with the birth of the home computer. We saw that and we’ve seen what it became, for good or bad. Who can say we won’t achieve warp flight within the next fifty years, if we really want to do it? Just remember, what was yesterday’s science fiction is today’s fact.

I know this is a made up holiday from a made up TV show. But, I think we can change that. We can turn this into a day that looks to the promise of tomorrow. A day where we can hope and dream of heading to the stars. Yeah, I think that’s a good idea, because we could use some good hopes and dreams in this world today.

So in the words of the Vulcans, Live Long and Prosper my friends.


Originally published April 5, 2013