Pizza Hut App for Xbox

I know this story has been out there for a bit. It took me this long after reading it to stop making jokes about it and actually consider it. After the consideration, this isn’t a bad idea actually.

To a certain degree Pizza Hut has become the official pizza of the Xbox. Not bad for Pizza Hut and not bad for Xbox. The app itself looks clean and works pretty much like any app on your phones or tablets which is a plus. Plus, gamers now have an actual good use for the Kinect.

I hope this partnership goes a bit forward though. Maybe integrate the Xbox Live points into it somehow. Maybe for that Xbox gets a percentage of that sale. Likely would make ordering quicker and easier for the consumer as well.

It’s a good move for Xbox. They want to be more than just a gaming console, they want to be an entertainment center. It makes sense then, to give their users an app like this. It’s one less reason for users to put down the controller and grab some other device.

I figure Sony will be watching this as well. Likely if this succeeds and Microsoft adds this app to their 720, Sony will want something like it. Maybe they’ll go for an exclusive deal with Dominos or Papa Johns.

While I can’t say that a pizza app would be a major point in a decision making process on buying a console, the fact that it’s happening is pretty cool. I’d say the future of hungry gamers looks good.


Originally published April 26, 2013