Another XBox One Backpeddle

So another week and another mea culpa, so to speak, by Microsoft. According to this IGN article the XBox One will now not need the Kinect to work. So, no always on camera and microphone to watch over you.

It’s been, if nothing else, very interesting to watch how Microsoft has changed their XBox One since it’s main showing at E3. It’s also been interesting watching them listening to their consumers. They have seemed to have gone from a “You’re gonna buy it no matter what.” attitude, to a more “I think we messed up, let’s fix this.” attitude. Can’t say as I blame them, it was starting to look like they were going to lose this battle of the console wars before it even started.

Still though, this hasn’t changed my mind on getting any of the consoles on launch day. I will wait for the real reviews to start pouring in. However, while before I was solidly planning on a PS4, the changes that Microsoft has made has caused me to at least consider looking at the XBox. Granted it may only be a 5% chance I get one now, but that’s more than it had before.

Has Microsoft’s change in attitude caused any of you to change your minds?


Originally published August 13, 2013