Halfway There

Here we are, little over halfway through the year. It’s funny how things have changed since the first post here.

I originally had posted about New Years Resolutions. How I wanted to do something different. Here it is seven months later and well, still nothing different on that front. In fact I’ve given up on getting to do that resolution this year. Maybe next year.

I have managed to keep writing here, which has surprised me. I wish that I had a bit more direction on where I’d like this to go, but in all honesty I kind of like not knowing what I’m going to write about when I do write. This has been fun. I’ve corresponded with some nice people here and am happy with what I’ve accomplished so far. So I’m gonna keep it up, here on WordPress. I had considered making a move over to Blogger, but have decided against it. I started this on WordPress and I’m going to stay here.

I guess the biggest surprise for this year is my quitting smoking last month. It was not expected, although it was something I had thought about for a couple months prior. It has, even with help from an eCig, the hardest damn thing I’ve done. It’s unbelievable the pull that the cravings have. I have a whole new understanding for people who are trying to quit anything that is that addictive. You always hear the benefits of quitting and the pains of doing so are glossed over. I’m not going to lie, it’s painful, but it is rewarding. I’m three weeks in and am surprised by the changes I’ve noticed.

Here it is August, and I have no idea what’s going to happen the rest of the year. So far this one has been a surprise despite plans and wishes. So, I’m just going to be along for the ride and see what happens with the rest of it.

In conclusion…..OH MY GOD I WANT A CIGARETTE…..thanks for letting me yell that and get it out of my system.


Originally posted August 1, 2013