Is Afleck’s Casting as Batman Bad News for Justice League Movie?

So, Ben Afleck will be playing Batman in the Batman vs. Superman movie. While a lot seem dissatisfied with the choice (take my colleague here), I myself went from being excited to see this movie to feeling lukewarm about it.

I have no problem with Mr. Afleck’s acting. For me he’s just one those actors (even when he’s generally the star) that is filler for me. I don’t go see a movie just because he’s in it, and I don’t avoid movies that he’s in. For me, he gets the job done and that’s about it. I will admit that I’m one of the six or seven people who actually enjoyed Daredevil. I own the DVD of that movie and do on occasion voluntarily pull it out and watch it. I believe he did a decent job in Daredevil and therefore will do a decent job in Batman. Notice I said decent, I don’t expect it to be good or bad, it’ll just be decent.

“But, Mr. Shock, I can’t believe you don’t have a problem with this. I know how much you love Batman and this casting has to be bad in your eyes.” You must be asking.

Well, I do have a problem with it, but it’s not Ben Afleck’s acting. My problem lies in the future of the DC Universe movies. From all that has been talked about since the announcement of a Batman vs. Superman movie, it is supposed to be a helpful set up for the Justice League. It will put these two characters together onscreen for the first time. It was supposed to be setting up the partnership that will eventually grow to form the Justice League. In my opinion, these set up movie need to be consistent. That means, Ben Afleck needs to not be a one off Batman, but “The Batman” for however long this journey takes. I think the major part of this recasting excitement was the fact we the fans were expecting a permanent Batman, not a Batman of the week like we ended up with in the 90’s. Personally I’m still hoping they’ll bring back the Bat-nipples.

In all seriousness, I wanted to see the DC Universe step up like Marvel has done. I wanted to see DC take this potential Justice League movie and its set up movies seriously. This casting has shaken my faith in DC. l have to wonder if they’ll make stand alone movies with one star, then change the actor for the Justice League movie. A definitive casting of Batman would have alleviated those fears and shown just how serious they were taking this. With the choice of Ben Afleck, and no immediate announcement he’ll continue to play Batman after this movie, we once again are looking at one shot movies.

It’s decisions like these that has kept DC from doing what Marvel has done, and it’s decisions like these that will continue to keep DC in second place at the box office, despite having the best superheroes.

So, congrats to Ben Afleck, I hope you exceed my expectations. Boo, to DC though as I really had hoped to be seeing a strong foundation set for the building of the Justice League.

I will add this. This movie is supposed to be based around the Dark Knight Returns. That was even quoted during the announcement of the movie back at Comic-Con.  A one off like that, would be fantastic. However, they should also recast Superman and totally go with the whole Dark Knight Returns. At least then they could keep the integrity of the Universe they started with the Man of Steel.


Originally posted August 23, 2013