Some Thoughts on Wonder Woman

Since the announcement that the next major DC movie would be a Batman/Superman one, I’ve seen a few musings on the net talking about Wonder Woman and her potential place in the new DC movie universe. There’s no doubt we’re going to have to have her since a Justice League movie is in the works. But there were a few things that I read that I wanted to comment on. These first couple things I saw in an IGN article, that I can’t find again so you’ll have to take my word on it.

The first thing mentioned was how Wonder Woman could use the help that teaming with Superman would bring. I really disagree on that one. She’s got enough of a fan base that she can carry her own movie given the right story. Batman/Superman in this context is a much better choice for setting up a JLA movie. It will be their relationship to each other that will set the tone of JLA. They really need to have a meet up before JL. Teaming up Wonder Woman with Superman, before she’s had an individual movie, would do a disservice to her. She shouldn’t have to be sharing the screen or story with anyone on her first outing.

I’ve also heard mentioned how hard it would be to “explain” her in this new and more realistic universe that is being created. That might have been true, before Man of Steel, however that movie likely gave them the best ability to explain her. This Phantom Zone creation that they did, I’m not sure if it was a parallel universe or a different dimension, could help them explain Paradise Island and the whole mythos behind the Amazons. For instance, the Roman gods were real and powerful. There were problems. The Amazons used some kind of godly tech that helped “banish” the gods to another dimension, but the Amazons were pulled in as well. Now and again, crap happens where the dimensions clash (Bermuda Triangle). Something ultimately happens that ends up with Wonder Woman having to come to the real world with her powers. It could work.

While I admit the story is important to the success of Wonder Woman on the big screen, the most important factor will be who they get to play her. While I can picture (fantasize) a whole lot of actresses in that costume, I’m not as certain they can play the part. Do they go for an unknown or someone established is also a question. The answer lies with people with more brains than I have.

No matter what, I know they’ll give her the treatment she deserves. I only hope they get this ball rolling soon. I really want to see that movie.


Originally posted August 8, 2013