Some Video Game News

Been a busy week on a couple of video game fronts I’ve been following. GTA V had a major show this week and there was some news that came down for EA that doesn’t look all that good. So on with the commentary.

First off, GTA V. Online play was revealed in a nice video. I know I’ve said before, and I’m gonna say it again…I’m a casual gamer. I’ve only done online play with a couple of games, Second Life (which is not really a game) and Star Trek Online. I have yet to play any console game online with a bunch of other people. I have yet to actually have a game where I’d like to or seen one that peaked my interest enough to make me want to. Now I’m tempted, although it would mean signing up for the whole XBox live crap.

The online play they showed was amazing. The fact that you can traverse this world alone or get with a group of people is something I like. How much I’ll use it, that I don’t know. My main priority once I get the game will be to play the game. It’ll be after I finish that online will be considered. On the whole though, it seems like the online aspect will be a nice addition to the GTA franchise.

Next bit of news involves EA Sports. Some of the individual conferences are starting to pull their deals with EA. The Big Ten, Pac-12 have opted out, the SEC was said to have done so but apparently reports from earlier in the week were wrong and they will be in the game. For the most part individual schools have decided to remain in the game.

What does this mean, well in my opinion NCAA 2014 is likely the last EA College Football game of its kind. What remains to be seen is how many other conferences are going to pull out of their deals and if any of the schools decide to. If the schools were to decide to leave, EA might as well pack up college football. After all the years of realistic games, going to generically named schools, conferences, bowl games just won’t have the same feel.

The one thing that might save some of this is if the schools and conferences finally did away with the NCAA and came up with a better system. A system where the players do end up with some benefit for the money they make their universities. Whether through some kind of pool of money that every player (once they leave school) gets their equal percentage of or something like that. Then there’d be less of an issue of these players being in the games. Maybe we could finally get the players’ names in the game.

Either way, something will have to change soon for EA to be able to continue with college sports. Because let’s face it, this isn’t just a football thing, this will also be a basketball thing as well. I’m already wondering what EA is going to call the NCAA Tournament in the next edition of College Basketball. If they decide to make it that is.

So anyway, there’s the news for what it’s worth.


Originally published August 16, 2013