12-12-12 Just Another Day

Granted my day has just started, but I don’t anticipate 12/12/12 being any different from any other day. Other than being a day closer to Christmas, and I still don’t have my shopping done. Still too early to panic though.

My thing is, I find it strange at how so many people are putting significance to it. I’m not talking about the people who have actual reasons for 12/12 meaning something (birthdays, anniversaries, etc, etc). I’m talking about the people who are deliberately scheduling things for this day just because the numbers match. I know this isn’t a new phenomenon (doot doooo de do do) though, it’s just the one that caught my attention this morning.

You shouldn’t go about forcing something to happen today just because of the day. The day should be special because of what YOU do with it. I saw a story about how there is supposed to be a spike in the number of marriages today, just because of 12/12/12. I think there are a number of couples getting off on the wrong foot, especially if your only reason for getting married on this particular day is that the numbers match (I am assuming that Love, Respect and maybe in some cases a shotgun, are the real reasons they’re getting married). The day should be special to the couple or in all honesty, be made special because of the couple. Not because of numbers.

It’s not just couples getting married. This is for anyone, don’t think this day is going to make you special. YOU go and make this day special.

I’m planning on not giving the numbers any further thought, no more than I did yesterday on 12/11 or tomorrow 12/13 (good, it’s not a Friday). You all have a good day, I’m on my way to get my lottery ticket…er I mean on my way to work.

Until next time….

Originally posted December 12, 2012