Advice for the (Not So) End of the World

I sit here contemplating on the end of the world. It’s supposed to end tomorrow/today depending on when you read this. Even though it’s not gonna happen, at least I hope not since I’d rather not be spending my last day on earth sitting here at work, all this apocalypse talk has gotten me thinking over some things that I’d like you to consider.

We hear sayings along the likes of “Live for today for tomorrow is not promised.” and variations on that theme. Most of the time sayings like that are uttered by people who can afford to do that, they have the money to do what they want when they want and damn tomorrow. I’m not one of those people. So my translation of this would be to enjoy today, listen to a song that makes you happy, read a blog (preferably this one), be with someone you like. At the very least add a little joy to your day somehow.

We are once again heading into Christmas. The season of gift giving and getting, of food, family and friends. Likely you’re gonna see people you don’t get to see everyday to help celebrate the holiday. If you’re like me and going to see family and friends on these occasions, I have one piece of advice for you. Unplug, Facebook can wait, Twitter can wait, text messages to people who aren’t even there with you, can wait. Spend the time with the people in front of you rather than posting your status to Facebook. Would you want your last Christmas memories being of the people you were with or your Facebook Newsfeed?

What I’m trying to convey is this, not only are we not promised tomorrow, but neither are the ones we love and care about. You never know what can happen from one Christmas to the next or any day for that matter. Don’t take the chance of missing what could be a last time being with them.

I realize this is a bit of a downer as far as the topic, but it really resonates with me right now. And I just wanted to get this out there before the Holiday for your consideration as well because this message is just so important.

So save the photo uploads, lists of things you got and whatever else you send to Facebook and Twitter till the 26th and spend your day getting status updates from those around you. In fact do all you can to unplug completely. Let’s see how many of you, after of course doing one “Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays” status update, will give it up for a day.

So, anyway, if the world doesn’t end in the next 24 or so hours, this will be my last post before the 25th so, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.


Originally published December 19, 2012