A Valentine’s Day Message From Mr. Shock

To start off with I want to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers. I just hope I don’t come across as a totally cynical bastard with this post. I do admit to being somewhat cynical about this day, it’s not just because I’ve spent more than my fair share of them alone.

I don’t have a problem with Valentine’s Day per se, my problem comes when it is looked at as the main indicator as to whether your significant other really loves you or not. I’ve seen it often enough where women are treated like crap or at the very least with indifference by their guy the majority of the year, yet as long as he gets her some candy, flowers or some shiny bauble (thank you word of the day toilet paper) they view him as amazing and so loving. They forgive the other 364 days of the year where they complain about him. All because he remembered Valentine’s Day. Considering it’s as hyped as Christmas anymore how the heck do you forget it.

How do I know all that above? I’ve been “Friendzoned” by women who talk about it. Yes, the friendzone, a more unpleasant place than even the Phantom Zone (of course knowing what the Phantom Zone is, likely helped get me friendzoned in the first place…but I digress). This isn’t an indictment on women, I know that men do it too. So if you’re a female reading this, feel free to change the genders around.

Now, guys, I’m not saying not to do something special for Valentine’s Day. I have and will again send flowers, chocolates or plan something special for that day. What I am saying, keep the spirit going all year? Don’t let showing how you feel about your significant other all fall on one day. Women, you had better start expecting the spirit to go all year, if it doesn’t it’s time to move on. Don’t go giving a free pass to a guy who’s being a jerk 364 days a year, just because he can remember February 14.

This goes for all romantic relationships, man/woman, woman/woman, man/man, whatever. Valentine’s Day should not be used to make up for a year of bad treatment. Valentine’s Day should be a special extension of showing your feelings for one another.

Enough on that, now onto a second beef with Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is damn pricey. Isn’t it ridiculous and just plain coincidental how much prices jump for certain items that are big sellers on Valentine’s Day. Well I have a solution, based on a couple I know. They treat Feb. 14 as any other day, but they set aside another day as their own Valentine’s Day. They do live the spirit of Valentine’s Day every day, but just don’t go in for the inflated cost of Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts. So my suggestion is to do the same. If you can get your significant other to agree, which if they are reasonable they should, pick some other date as your own personal Valentine’s Day. It shouldn’t be about the money you spend, it’s about the sentiment behind it. Secondly, it’ll be your day to celebrate rather than the whole world’s. That alone makes it special.

So enough from me. Go forth and have a wonderful day. Just remember to keep the spirit of the day all year as well.


Originally published February 14, 2013