An Update on Piracy with Some New Thoughts

I was sent this very interesting article which talks about how music piracy is down and gives a few ideas on how Hollywood could follow music’s lead. I won’t bore you with the details, you can read it yourself, but suffice it to say the article writer talks about the same issues with video DRM that I mentioned in my article from two days ago. It’s just nice to know I’m not out in left field on this one.

The whole thing with video DRM makes me not even want to deal with purchasing or even working with the digital downloads that come with DVDs. What’s the point of having them when I basically can only watch them at home on my laptop? I can just pop the DVD or Blu-ray in the player and have a better experience. It just needs to be easier for the user to transfer their legally purchased videos to their devices. That’s it, plain and simple. When Hollywood gets that message, the piracy numbers will fall there as well.

Ok, enough about that and on to something new, software piracy. I don’t claim to know how bad of a problem it is, I didn’t do any research. But, I’ve got an idea that might help curtail it to some degree. What is it you ask, make older versions of your software available for drastic price reductions or even free.

Let’s take something like Adobe Creative Suite as an example. They are now up to what, 6 and it costs several hundred dollars to get a copy of this. It’s amazing software granted, but the average person, in this economy, isn’t gonna have that kind of money to plunk down on a software suite. But let’s say they could get a copy of CS4 or 3 at less than half the price of 6. It might be worth it to them to do so. Adobe could make money selling older software that they still have sitting on a server or shelf somewhere doing nothing but collecting dust.

It seems an utter waste that when new software comes out, the older versions are taken off the market for the most part. Cheaper copies of even older versions would be a great start to trying to curtail the piracy of software. So why don’t they give it a try.

None of the things above will ever fully stop piracy. People are going to do what people are going to do. But, and this is a major but….if you give your customers options (like the music industry has) you’ll start to see your profit margins go back up along with goodwill from your customers.

Anyway, these are just some thoughts on the subject.

So, until next time….


Originally published February 28, 2013