Finally Some Sanity

While I don’t always agree with her, Nancy Pelosi over this weekend interjected some sanity in the whole violent video game debate (you can read the article here). I give her credit for not seemingly falling into line with a lot of other elected officials in blaming violent video games in particular and violent media in general for the tragedies that have occurred lately. I loved how she pointed out Japan as an example of a non-correlation between violence and violent video games.

I think she could’ve gone farther. I think she should’ve pointed out how violent media and games get blamed for so much. Then she should’ve asked the host to explain how would one go about blaming violent media for things that happened before violent media existed as it does now. That alone is my question.

Why is that we have to place blame on things? Why is it so hard to believe that there are individuals so screwed up that committing mass murder is no problem for them? Then, why do we feel the need to make an excuse for these people by blaming video games or violent movies?

Anyway, thank you Congresswoman Pelosi, for bringing some sanity back to the discussion.

On a side note, this appears to be our 50th post here on Carpe Noctum. We’d like to thank all our readers for their views, their likes and comments. Here’s to 50 more posts.


Originally posted February 12, 2013