Now They’re Using Jobs as Prizes

For most of the week I’ve been seeing ads for this new CBS show called The Job. The commercials and what I’ve read indicate that you have a few people up for a job with whatever corporation that is doing the interview and hiring process. Granted some of the corporations are big names based on one of the articles I read, Epic Records, Cosmopolitan Magazine seem to be the top two. Not sure what the rest are really and personally I don’t care.

I really have a problem with the whole idea of this show. First off, with economy we have today and the unemployment levels we have, turning job hunting into basically a game show for entertainment is just offensive to me. To think that the companies participating in this are basically using a job as a prize, for what I’m sure will be some free advertising for their companies. Like the companies or the show or not those companies names are gonna be out there a lot over this. Hell, I even did it too.

I wonder how many people would love to have a legitimate shot at the jobs that are being offered. Were these jobs created just to be prizes for this show, or are they actual positions that normal people applied and interviewed for, but then decided their best candidates would come from a reality show? How serious are these contestants, are they really needing a job, or are they just wanting their 15 minutes of fame?

It also looks like there is going to be some of the obligatory bad candidates. I mean really you can’t hardly have a reality show without them. One commercial shows an interviewer mentioning a candidate using their mother as a reference. I’m sorry, but if that is the case would this candidate even have gotten that far in the hiring process during a normal job search?

Let’s face it, we have people out there desperate, really desperate, to find a job. There are likely hundreds, maybe thousands of people who’d be qualified for the jobs these companies are giving away as prizes. If nothing else, this is just a very ill-timed reality show considering the state of things.

I will not be watching it. I hope those who are on the fence about watching it will consider my words here. Either way, I won’t hold it against you if you watch and I hope you won’t hold my opinion against me.


Originally posted February 8, 2013