Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet) by George Takei

Yes this is a book review. Yes I know there’s a lot of people who actually do book review blogs. In fact I follow a couple that do amazing work. I just hope you’ll bear with my attempt at one, and I promise I won’t do many of these. If nothing else it’ll be short since the book itself is short as is the author (if you read the book you’ll know he’d appreciate this joke).

The focus of this book was George’s (um, I guess I should call him Mr. Takei since he’s not given me permission to call him George) meteoric rise on the internet in general and Facebook in particular. Even he has been amazed that a 75 year old who’s mostly known due to an obscure science fiction show has been able to amass the following on the internet that he has in just a couple years. If you think about it, it is plain amazing.

The reason I talk about it here, it’s full of things for us average everyday blog writers that can help us build a following. A few of them are; keeping your fans engaged by encouraging them to comment, even if they do disagree. Respond to those comments, make sure they don’t feel like they are wasting their time by commenting. Also, keep true to yourself. Make sure it’s your voice that is heard no matter what you post. He even gives a few details on the workings of Facebook that could be boring, yet he still keeps you entertained with it. Granted, he’s a lot more entertaining talking about this stuff than I ever will be.

Will what he talks about help turn your blog into a major internet force, likely not. He did have a built in fan base when he started his stuff. But it could help create a few more followers to your blog that might not have done so. You might gain a small bit of notoriety in the blogging universe.

Put simply, Mr. Takei’s book is both entertaining and informative. It’s well worth the price which is very reasonable for an e-book (9.99 for the most part available at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon). Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan this book is still worth it.

Anyway, that’s my review. Told you I wasn’t all that great at it, and I will make sure my next posting is more in line with what I usually do. Have a good one everybody.


Originally published February 7, 2013