The Routine of Life

So this past weekend I took a small trip up to the mountains of Pigeon Forge with a couple of friends. It was both of their birthdays this weekend, one on the 2nd and one on the 3rd, which I thought was pretty cool. I mean what are the odds that a couple would have their birthdays one day apart. Anyway they are a couple of good people who I’ve found enjoyable to hang out with and they are on the short list of people I consider real friends.

It was fun to relax up there. I had a bit of time that I was able to finish a book I’d been reading (Oh Myyy! There goes the Internet by George Takei, a review of said book is coming soon), pigging out on some good food, a small bit of drinking, getting up to Gatlinburg for a bit and finally watching the Super Bowl. Overall it was great weekend.

One thing I noticed though, when I got back home, was despite how good the trip was, it was nice to be back to the normal routines of life. I had a hard time yesterday remembering that it was Monday since I had to go do the weekly grocery shopping then instead of my normal Saturday or Sunday. Having to do all my normal weekend chores on a different day totally threw off my inner clock.

I understand we’re creatures of habit. We end up making a routine in the effort of taking control of our lives, so to speak. Even when we are forced to make changes from a routine we’ve had for a while, we adapt and end up setting a routine for that change while discarding the old. Especially as we get older and our routines get more set. I think it’s why we older people start looking forward to getting home after a couple days in on a week long vacation. We start to crave our normal routine, despite the need to step out of it for a while.

Some of you younger readers may not totally understand all this, yet. You will though. Right now you’re just more adaptable. You haven’t had the need to change your routines all that much. But as you date, get jobs, graduate from school, get engaged and get married, you’ll find your routines have to change. Then as you change jobs, move to a new location or have kids, your routine has to adapt to something new. But no matter what, you end up with a new one.

There really isn’t a point here, this is more observational than anything else. It’s interesting how we plan and look forward to a break in our normal routines, yet are generally glad to get back to them when we do.

So if you’re in a routine and you want to break it, go ahead. Do something different one day just to break it, enjoy it. Just don’t make it routine.


Originally published February 5, 2013