They Be Targeting Pirates Again…Arrrrrr

I have read where the Copyright Alert System will be starting up this week. It’s another attempt to curtail piracy on the internet, by once again targeting or trying to target the downloaders. Now I’m not gonna get into the right or wrong of the issue, that’s for you to decide for yourself. I just have to wonder why they continue to target the “casual” downloader or even someone who isn’t downloading at all.

Based on the article I read, they tell you that they basically aren’t targeting the biggest violators. They also tell you that there are ways around this whole thing. They are also telling you that you are guilty based on their proof of just the “IP address”. So if someone manages to spoof your IP address and gets caught, you’re the one in trouble. If someone manages to get their way onto your network and downloads stuff, you’re in trouble. That’s my issue with all this, they really don’t have the proof you actually did anything wrong. But, you’re the one who will be paying for it.

What they need to be doing is going after the suppliers. Is it harder to do, yes it is. Might it cost a bit more, yes. But, you knock off the supply, you might actually accomplish something rather than just chipping away at the problem. I’m sure Hollywood could take some of those record setting profits (according to the Oscar telecast Sunday night) and target the major uploaders. You get rid of the uploaders, you then will start driving the “casual” downloader to the legitimate ways to get content.

Another thing that might help stop some of the piracy, let the people who purchase stuff legally actually own the stuff. Don’t make it so hard for people who buy a DVD to use it how they want. Why is so wrong for them to want a copy of a legally purchased movie for their tablet or other device? Well, for the most part you do get a digital copy of said movie for use on a tablet or smartphone or whatever device, they might reply. That is true, however I’ve started to notice that those digital copies are streaming only (which sucks when you’re not always connected to the internet) or aren’t cross platform. If you get a copy from iTunes you can’t simply take that copy and play it on any tablet you own thanks to their DRM. There doesn’t seem to be a way to break their DRM either so trying to convert it to something else is going to fail as well. Technically you could rip the DVD yourself to whatever format you need, of course that’s a major pain as well. Most people aren’t either going to have the knowledge of how to do that, nor the patience. Plus those DVD ripping programs aren’t cheap either.  So how do some of those people who want to view a movie they purchased on DVD or Blu-ray get around that, they take the easy road and find a download.

So to make it simple, I’m saying go after the major suppliers. Then, make it easier on your customers who do the right thing to be able to actually use their purchase as they see fit. I don’t think I’m asking a lot.

So, until next time….


Originally published February 26, 2013