Thoughts on Star Wars Standalone Films

Seems Star Wars fans are getting good news on an almost daily basis lately. Not only are they getting a new trilogy, but now it has been confirmed that standalone stories are also going to be made. I have to say, that kind of news is even making me excited.

Rumors abound on what the stand alones are going to cover. Most assume, as I do, that they will be mainly solo characters getting their shot in the spotlight. I’m all for that. I would love to see a movie giving a more detailed back story to Yoda, or showing just how Boba Fett really got his reputation. I read too, that even Jabba the Hutt had a chance for his own movie. Hopefully that will be when he was younger and actually able to move.

I’d like to put my two cents in with a few suggestions as well.

Han Solo, granted he was a main character in the original trilogy, but a movie covering his back story would be great. Getting a chance to see his “bad” side would be a nice change for that character, and really show his growth from scoundrel to leader in the rebellion.

Chewbacca would also be interesting. Although maybe instead of standalone they could include him in the Han Solo movie. Main thing going against it would be how they’d handle the language barrier. We couldn’t have it all be Wookies yelling, but would they use subtitles or just “translate” it into English for us.

The one I’d love to see though would be based on the Darth Bane trilogy of books. It would give us the opportunity to see way into the past of the Star Wars Universe and the history of the Sith in particular. I”ve read this trilogy and it is fantastic, finally exploring where and why “The Rule of Two” came into being. This would likely have to be a trilogy as well as trying to tell the whole story in one movie would be a daunting task, but what a trilogy it would be.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the subject. What about you, what standalone would you like to see? What character would you like to see spotlighted? Just add your comments below.


Originally published February 6, 2013