“Wanna Take a Ride?”

This past Sunday I watched an episode of Family Guy, love that show by the way, where one of the main stories had to do with Stewie and Brian falling in love with the musical stylings of Anne Murray. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard any of her music and actually had totally forgot about her (sorry Anne) over the many years since she last had a hit. After the show I got in the mood to listen to some of the country songs from that era.

Art Bell once said something about how you could travel in time with music. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the exact quote, but you get the idea. I’ve come to realize that he’s right. As I say listening to some of those old country songs I was taken back in time to riding in the car with grandma as she went about her day with those same songs playing on the radio. I saw the buildings out the car window. The drive thru at the bank she went to all the time. Felt the car seats. I was there for all intents and purposes.

I’ve always had certain songs that bring back strong memories for me. If I listen to Sammy Davis Jr., Liza Minnelli or The Chorus Line Soundtrack, I’m immediately back riding in the car with my parents on the way to King’s Island, a Reds baseball game or the Columbus Zoo.

If I hear New York Groove or Wasn’t That a Party, I’m sitting in my bedroom as a kid playing 45’s on an old record player pretending to be a DJ at WKRP (and yes I did say Booger quite a bit).

Somewhere Out There takes me back to the first girl I ever loved. Angel Eyes sends me back into the arms of my first girlfriend. Walking on the Sun puts me back in the car with a couple friends on the way to my first trip to the beach.

Music has a strange power, at least over me, to bring back the most vivid memories. To, in a sense, send you back in time to where you first heard that melody, that lyric, that beat or that guitar riff that imprinted itself on you. Allowing you to once again relive a time, good or bad, in your life.

It might explain why as you get older you tend to listen to the songs you grew up with more often. It helps bring back the times you left behind. Reminding you of the people who have come and gone in your life. Allowing you to take a ride through the mists of time and space.

So until we have a Delorean with a flux capacitor or a starship capable of doing warp 10 while slingshotting around the sun, music will hold the top spot when it comes to travelling in time.


Originally published February 20, 2013