Welcome to February

Here we go, starting a whole new month. Hard to believe isn’t it? I had a few random thoughts in my head that may not have been worth posting, but then I figured I can allow myself to be random sometimes.

I have to admit, February doesn’t look all that bad. We’re opening it up with Super Bowl Weekend. While I’m not rooting for any of the teams this year, I always watch for the commercials. Looks like we have a good amount of movie trailers coming this time and am looking forward to seeing those.

Baseball’s spring training is just around the corner. I’m a huge baseball fan so can’t wait to see it get kicked off.

We’re in the home stretch to the end of winter. While it hasn’t been too bad here this year, I’m ready for spring. Of course I’ll be griping about my annual springtime allergies, but I’m just done with the cold at this point.

Just in case February isn’t your cup of tea, hey it’s only 28 days long. So, only 27 more days of it left. Then we march into March (which is the best month of the year).

Anyway, everyone have a good weekend and I’ll be back to my usual stuff next week.


Originally published February 1, 2013