Beating the Blinking Cursor Once Again

Was sitting here wondering what I was going to write about and wasn’t coming up with anything. The flashing cursor on the blank page was mocking me, laughing at me. “You’re only eleven days into this and you already can’t come up with anything.” It said. Well, once again that blinking cursor is wrong. I pulled out my ace in the hole and once again it helped.

While in school I had a creative writing course. Every week we would have an assignment to do, sometimes specific, sometimes we could go wild. One week early on we had a specific assignment (I can’t remember the topic) and I was having trouble with it. We had a decent amount of freedom during lab time, so in hopes of getting a creative spark going, I started to listen to some music. I had the old iPod on shuffle, enjoying the sounds and trying to think…nothing. Now, I’m not sure why Marilyn Manson was on my iPod, I’m not a big fan of his. The only thing I can think of is that I after putting it on my girlfriend’s iPod, I had plugged mine in and it auto-synced. Either way, for some reason it was there. The song If I was Your Vampire came on and just as suddenly my fingers started dancing across the keyboard. I finished that assignment, got a good grade and was happy.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of it and needless to say, that song became my go to when I was having trouble writing during that class. To this day I don’t know even know what that song taps into that ends up helping me. I can actually write without it, most of the articles on the blog were written without it. But, today for some reason I decided to bring out the big gun to help me.

This made me wonder, how many of you have something like that? When you get ready to write your posts, do you have a ritual you follow? When you have trouble coming up with a topic, do you have something that helps get the creative juices flowing or am I the only one? I likely wouldn’t even be asking this if I had been a fan of Manson’s music before this happened. But since I wasn’t and since that song taps into me that way, I’m really curious to find out if others have something like this.

Before I go, thank you Marilyn Manson. Once again you’ve made that evil blinking cursor shut the hell up. At least until next time.


Originally published January 11, 2013