Beating the Winter Blahs

So I was listening to the radio on the way into work today and they were talking about how this time of year is just blah. The weather is crappy, there’s no major holidays to look forward to for a while, it gets dark so early in the evening, basically it’s a grind till Spring. Now, I’ve found in the past that the winter blahs are difficult to get through. It is hard not to get down during this time in general.

To this point it has been different this year. It’s hard to believe that I’m 24 days into this year and have kept up with a resolution I made. I think taking this foray into writing has helped in that regard. It’s given me something to focus on. I spend time thinking up topics to write about whenever I get free moments to do so. Added to that, I’ve been finding this very enjoyable. I actually look forward to when I sit down and write something to post.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but until now I’ve never really kept up with it. This is probably my longest stint at regular writing that I’ve ever done. The very few fictional stories that I’ve actually written down, were done in a few hours and generally never touched again. I’ve been on a mission lately to find those old stories and see if there’s anything in there salvageable. Likely there isn’t, they were written when I was high school. Likely they are pretty bad, but who know, maybe finding them and reading them again will give me inspiration to start over with them. Of course they could be so bad I might scrap writing altogether.

I don’t just look forward to writing though. I do enjoy going through and reading some of the other blogs out there. I follow a few that interest me based on the subjects, but mostly I go through the reader and look at individual posts. I’m eclectic so if I like it, I will say so and if I don’t, I go on to the next one.

There’s a couple blogs I follow that don’t seem to have a set subject, I really enjoy those. It’s always a surprise as to what is going to be there. It’s those that I want to be like. I fully believe I’d get bored with this if I tried to stick with a single subject. So I beg of you, my subscribers, to bear with me. I know there will likely be topics you won’t like on here, just like I know there will be topics you will like.

As for the winter blahs, I recommend doing something you enjoy. Write, read, go see a movie or even just veg out in front of the TV. We’re almost through with January and February is a short month so we do have something to look forward to.


Originally published January 24, 2013