Ereading And Reading Are The Same Thing

I’ve never been a tech geek, where I have to get the latest gadget to be happy. In fact I’m usually a late adopter to things. I got a CD player, DVD player, iPod, and smartphone long after they had hit the retail shelves. It’s not that I don’t think the technology is cool or that I don’t like them after I get them, it’s just that I’m resistant to change to some degree.

Case in point. When ebooks and ereaders were just starting to come out, quite some years ago, I was purely against them. I had an attitude similar to what Captain Picard once talked about in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. When asked why he replicates a book rather than read it on a PADD, he states that he prefers the feel of the book, the weight, the turning of the pages. Reading to him was more than just looking at the words, it was a multi-sensory experience.

Last year for Christmas (well two Christmases ago now) I received a Nook Tablet. It took a little while to get used to reading on such a device, but I have found that I’ve read more books and overall have read more in general since I got it. I still do and prefer real paper books, but the tablet has been a very nice addition to my library.

Before I got and used an ereader I really wondered if they could replicate the reading experience that Picard spoke so fondly of. In all honesty, it doesn’t completely at least for me. There still is nothing quite like the turning of pages that tangibly and physically tells you that you’re making progress in the story. I don’t think there will ever be an ereader that will actually do that, but that’s ok.

So overall I’ve come to like my Nook. While it still doesn’t beat a good hardbound or paperback book, it is great as a general reader. I have many, many books of different genres on mine and that fact alone makes it very handy. I can grab it whenever I have some time to kill and read whatever type and genre of book I’m in the mood for. Plus the added benefit of the reader saving your place in multiple books. Saves me money in bookmarks.

I think the writing is on the wall that eventually Ebooks will be the norm. I used to have a problem with that, but now not so much. I think as each generation gets more and more used to dealing with tablets and other electronic ways of reading we actually could see a jump in literacy, just because of the easy access. That alone is a reason to praise these devices.


Originally published January 15, 2013