HWJD (How Would Jesus Drive)

As usual on my drive into work I started thinking of a topic to write about. Now, I have a rather long commute that is pretty routine so I observe things as I go. Today, like a bolt from the blue I saw something that made me giddy with anticipation to write about.

First off I have to say that here where I live laws regarding driving are pretty much ignored. Speeding is so common place that you practically have a better chance to win the lottery than getting pulled over for it. Cutting in and out of traffic, tailgating, running stop signs and stop lights are also very common. Personally, I actually obey the rules of the road 95% of the time. I’ve come to learn from observation that all the crazy driving that I see doesn’t actually do much good. Most of the time I end up seeing them at the next traffic light or end up catching up because they had to really slow down for a curve that I didn’t have to. To put it simply, I have rarely seen where the risk is worth the reward.

Anyway, on my drive in I noticed a pickup truck gaining on me, cutting in and out of traffic. After he passed me, that’s when I noticed it. When I caught up to him a minute later at the traffic light, it totally hit me and struck me as funny. This person, driving like a maniac had the back side of his pickup covered in bible verse bumper stickers and to top it off, his license plate was a custom job that was biblical as well. I shook my head, giggled a bit and that’s when it hit me. The question of the ages, How Would Jesus Drive? (HWJD…see what I did there).

I’ve seen it a lot, people who actively present their faith on their vehicles driving like maniacs, risking not only their life, limb and property, but everyone else’s on the road as well, to get that one car length ahead or just to get there 5 seconds sooner. For some reason, and I’m no expert, I kinda doubt that this behavior is endorsed or encouraged in the Bible.

I grant you, they didn’t have cars back when Jesus was on earth. But, I think there’s a case to be made that he wouldn’t be driving like his followers of today if there had been cars. Take for instance the story about Lazarus. He got reports about Lazarus, but did he go tearing off like a madman down the road to get to him. No, he took his time, got there safely then proceeded to raise Lazarus from the dead. Jesus didn’t get into any hurry, he got to where he needed to be when he got there. So why can’t those who are witnessing for Jesus by placing stuff on their cars do that? Truth be told, you might actually convert more people if you slowed down to where the people could actually read what’s there.

I realize I’ve likely offended some people with this, that was not the intent. I’m also not saying that all people of faith are like this, I see people with the stickers and the license plates who drive quite safely. I’m only trying to use humour to point out something that I find completely silly and that I do see quite often.

So, if you’re going to go around advertising your faith on your vehicle, don’t go driving around like a bat outta hell.


Originally posted January 31, 2013