Keep Calm and Pick Up That Joystick

My buddy Nerdicus, who I have high respect for as a person and gamer, posted elsewhere vehemently decrying this news story he found on He was saying that once again gamers are being condemned, that parent’s need to parent and the problems we are facing with the violence that we have been seeing goes way beyond video games. Well, if you go here you can see that I do agree with him overall. However, on this particular news article I have to disagree.

Based on the article as I read it, this group is not condemning video games as the cause. In their own statements they are encouraging parents to parent, by looking at the games their children are playing and determining whether those games are appropriate for their children. There is nothing wrong with that and it needs to be encouraged. Southington SOS (the group in charge of this) seems to be rather intelligent on this issue for the most part. I fully believe that parents should be looking into whether their 10 year old is playing Grand Theft Auto.

I think Nerdicus got more caught up in the very inflammatory headline that states that this town in Connecticut was going to collect and destroy violent video games. Now if that was the whole story, I’d totally agree with him and would be all over this as well. Southington SOS isn’t going to be breaking down doors to collect and then throw videogames into an incinerator. They are not going to run into stores stripping them bare of video games to go burn them. No, they are buying them, and at $25 (granted it’s a gift certificate for something else) no less. I think that’s better than what Gamestop offers for a used game.

There is no doubt that the entertainment industry in general and the video game makers in particular are gonna get slapped around soon with knee jerk precision. It is unfortunately the nature of things after something as devastating as Sandy Hook.

We as responsible gamers, we as responsible entertainment consumers have a duty and a mission to stay up to date on all that is coming down the pike. We need to make sure our voices are heard and we need to make sure our arguments are reasonable. We can’t go off half cocked because some website decides to use inflammatory language to get people to read an article. More importantly we can’t go off half cocked on anything to do with this, otherwise it justs provides them with more ammunition to use against us.

So, until next time….


Originally published January 4, 2013