My Trek into Trek

I told you the other day I’d share with you my voyage into Star Trek fandom. So for better or for worse, here it is. I hope this doesn’t bore the hell out of you.

Back in the late 1980s I had a friend who introduced me to Trek, but not by movies or episodes. He leant me one of the Original Series novels. If I remember right, it was Spock’s World. After reading that he talked me into watching some of the TNG episodes that were airing at the time. I did and loved it.

I wasn’t able to watch all the episodes as they aired, but I started purchasing the TNG novels as they came out. Even got the TNG Technical Manual so I could learn all about the ship. For the most part that was the extent into fandom.

In 1989 I had met another hardcore Star Trek fan while standing in line for the Batman film that was out that year. He started introducing me into the Original Series. We ended up going to see Star Trek V together (which is my first Star Trek movie in theaters) and my fandom deepened. We also went to the one and only fully Star Trek convention in my town that had George Takei as the featured guest. I still have that autograph.

My fandom basically stayed casual for quite some time. I’d watch an episode here and there. Always made it to the theater to see the latest film. Read books and collected a few things.

In 2002, Star Trek TNG came out on DVD. Now I was a casual fan, so it wasn’t a major deal to me. But at the time I had a little extra money and decided to get the first season and decided if I liked it, I’d continue on getting them.

Well I liked it and I did continue getting them. I have every episode of every series on DVD, all the movies on DVD and even got the Animated series as well. I’ve watched them all several times, even going so far as watching them in essentially stardate order. That can get tricky with the TNG movies let me tell you. Had to watch one between seasons of DS9 and another between seasons of Voyager. I’m currently doing it again and am on the second season of Enterprise.

Overall DS9 is my favorite. I think the stories there were very well done. The acting was very good and the cast felt like they were close. As much as I love the starships, DS9 really holds my attention.

I’m now an out of the closet Star Trek fan. I will dress in a uniform for sci/fi conventions. I make posts on First Contact Day. To put it simple, I don’t hide the fact that I’m a Star Trek fan anymore than I had the fact I’m a Cincinnati Reds fan or Kentucky Wildcats fan.

I do admit one thing though. For quite some time I was a Star Trek snob. I looked down on other franchises. Except Star Wars, that was different since it was just a few movies. It was other TV shows that I wouldn’t go with. How could any of these other shows be as good as Star Trek? Well, I was wrong. In the last few years I’ve become a fan of the Stargate franchise, Firefly and recently Doctor Who.

I hope this was at least somewhat enjoyable, and you learned a little about your humble writer’s journey into fandom. If not, it’s no big deal your regularly scheduled programming will resume next week.

So, until next time….


Originally published January 18, 2013