New Years Resolution or Midlife Crisis? You be the Judge.

I would officially like to wish you all a Happy New Year. My previous New Years post was a scheduled post written the day before, so I’m just not going to really count that one.

I got thinking about how as the New Year gets ready to start, people will make resolutions for the upcoming year. In general they make resolutions to quit smoking, start exercising, lose weight, quit drinking, and well you get the point. In general these resolutions are positive and self improving. Nothing wrong with that at all, we all have things we should and need to improve about ourselves. I’ve made those kinds of resolutions before, some kept some forgotten within a week of making them.

But, and maybe this is my midlife crisis talking, I’ve never made a resolution to do something that is out of character with myself. As an example, I’m a pretty shy guy. So writing this and then sharing it to the world (so to speak) is very out of character for me. Unfortunately I can’t use writing a blog for this year since I started doing it late last year. So I’ve got to come up with something else.

I guess my point is this, while I like and enjoy my life as the generic nice and good guy, I want to try something different. I want to do something different. I want to “act” like someone different, to pretend to be the bad guy, the moustache twirling villain of the movies. To kidnap and tie the girl to the railroad tracks (willingly, cause I don’t want to go to jail…lol.), laughing maniacally while I spill my plans for robbing the stagecoach. I think you get the idea though of what I’m talking about.

I think we all on occasion want to be someone else from time to time. Probably why RPGs and role play in general is so popular. While I play those and enjoy them, I still want to have a real life experience. I want to have one day where I can get out of character, then go back to my normal life.

So that is my resolution, to have try to have that one day…and to exercise, to stop smoking, to go on a diet..yada yada yada.

Please comment below, if you’d like, on what would you do if you could or just leave a comment on what your resolutions are for this year. I would enjoy hearing from you.


Originally published January 3rd, 2013