Of Synchronicity, Chicken Wings and Potato Chips

It is weird that after writing my post on the keeping of an open mind, that I would have something happen that I would classify in the weird category. I know you look at the title and must think I’m on drugs or something, but I’ll explain it.

A little background, especially for those of you who’ve lived in the same place all your life. Depending on where you live, you may or may not have access to certain brands of things. If you live out in the western part of the United States, you have access to In and Out Burger. In the southeast where I am, we don’t have those. In the south we have Krystals, up north you have White Castles. Certain brands of drinks and foods (especially potato chips) can also be regional, meaning that what you can get in one part of the country isn’t available in another.

Since moving to the southeast, almost 30 years ago, I had lost access to certain brands. It’s too far south for those companies to make deliveries to, I can understand that and have gotten used to it. I usually will stock up a bit during trips back home on some things a couple times a year.

This past weekend when I was at the store doing the grocery shopping, I ventured down the potato chip aisle. For some reason I gave a passing thought to favorite northern chips and as usual not seeing them got what I usually get now and sauntered on to complete my shopping. Or at least try to, unfortunately my usual store didn’t have any chicken wings available so I was going to have to go to another store later on to pick some up.

Later that evening I went to another store on my way home from visiting with friends. This is the good old stand by store, I go here for anything I can’t for some reason find at my main store. Well, guess what, they didn’t have the wings I needed either. Now, I had to stroll through the chip aisle to get where I needed to go, so the chips were once again on my mind.

I left that store and tried my luck for wings at one more. Hoorah, they had some. I then decided to wander the store for a bit since I don’t usually shop there to see what different stuff they had compared to my other two stores. There were some differences, but nothing major. Then I went down the chip aisle. Right at the end of the aisle, the chips I had been thinking about all day.

I have to wonder, what are the odds that this particular store out of the two others that I visited that day would not only have the item I needed, but the chips that shouldn’t have been anywhere within 100 miles of there. What are the odds that both my main stores would not have the item I needed in the first place (very slim indeed since it’s never happened that I’ve had to go to three different store to get something as common as chicken wings)? What are the odds that I would end up finding, in the town I live, the chips I had been thinking about all day.

I realize that we are likely talking about several coincidences. I get that, but it’s the overall buildup of them that intrigues me. I also realize that potato chips might be a trivial subject to discuss something like this. Maybe it is. I have had synchronistic events happen before, where I think of someone and they call or I bump into them somewhere. But this was just so different and the complexity of how it all came to about amazes me.

I’m not saying this was a paranormal experience or anything like that. All I’m saying, it’s a very odd set of coincidences to lead up to finding those chips. It’s also a bit weird that something like that happens after my last article.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this one with you all. Now, forgive me, but I’m going to eat some chips.


Originally posted January 21, 2013