Starting off the New Year with Hope

Happy New Year everyone. Now that the holidays are over things should be getting back to normal here at Carpe, well as normal as they ever are.

I spent the last few days not only enjoying time with family and friends, but also with this blog on the back of my mind. That’s not totally unusual since I do try to think of things that I’m going to write about even when I’m not sitting here writing to you. I admit I was having some problems coming up with something. I realize I was a bit of a downer at the end of the year and I really wanted to change that for my first post of 2013. Well folks, it didn’t take long this morning for me to find something as you can read here.

Now, first off kudos to the people who saw and decided to keep the story alive. The sentiment that those people showed is amazing. Likely if it wasn’t for them, the screening never would have taken place. Kudos also to Paramount for letting it happen as well, although I do believe they have a history of doing things like this.

My biggest kudos goes to JJ Abrams though.  While still not a fan of his version of Star Trek, he showed by allowing this screening (despite his obsessive need for secrecy) that he does have more understanding and apparent respect for his source material than I thought.  I have a new respect for him as a person.

Overall, it was just nice seeing a positive story for a change. Nice to see other people doing something for someone else just to help that person. I so hope that all of us can do something for someone else just for the sake of kindness as was done for the man in that article.

I wish you all the best in 2013.


Originally posted January 2, 2013