Will the Star Franchises Align?

By now you all know that JJ Abrams is going to be directing Star Wars Episode VII. I at least hope you do, cause if you’re just waiting on us to publish this kind of news you’re gonna be so far behind on things. First off, I wish to congratulate him on getting what I suspect is a dream job for him. He has been honest about being a fan of Star Wars for some time now and I imagine getting a chance to play in that sandbox is something he’s going to look forward to.

I admit I haven’t looked at any Star Wars fan sites to see the comments there about whether they find this news good or bad. I have taken a look at comments on Star Trek fan sites and the response there has been mixed to say the least.

There’s everything from hope that Wars fans will come and see the new Trek movie since it’s made by the same director. There’s those that have called JJ a traitor for taking on the Wars movie. Seriously a traitor, considering his admitted love of Star Wars it was more traitorous of him to direct the Star Trek movies. There’s also worry about how this could end up affecting the third Star Trek movie, whether he will direct or not mainly being the issue. It’s amusing reading all this and something I plan on commenting on in the near future.

I figure there’s a couple outcomes to this. Star Wars VII will be a huge success and then fans of both Star Trek and Star Wars will have a reason to come together in celebrating a great director. Star Wars VII could flop and Star Wars fans will say that JJ deliberately sabotaged it to give Star Trek the upper hand. Of course we could also start seeing Star Trek and Star Wars fans who like JJ coming together to battle the Star Trek and Star Wars fans who came together to denounce him. Either way we could see a coming together of the two fan bases in a way that George Takei couldn’t have dreamed of when he tried to bring us together against Twilight.

So what do I really think. Despite the fact I didn’t like the Star Warsy like direction he took with Star Trek, I really do believe he’ll do fine job with Star Wars VII and I already plan to see it. I can only imagine what he’ll be able to do with the actual and full resources of the Empire behind him. As to how this might affect the third Star Trek movie, who knows. He’s proven that he can multi-task and the fans have proven that they will wait for a sequel. Truth is, only time can tell, anything else is pure speculation.


Originally posted January 29, 2013