Hello all and welcome to 2014. The year is just beginning and so are some changes you will see here. As most of you know I started blogging with some friends. I mentioned here back in November that I was going to go back there and focus on that blog. I wanted to see if I could get those I had started with back in the game. I started off strong myself, then landed in three hospital for almost three weeks. I am still recovering, but during the last two months nobody posted anything. It is because of that that I am now focusing on myself and what I want to do. I will be doing that here.

I have brought over all my old posts from Carpe Noctem. That blog covered my geek side. That side will now be part of Mr. Shock’s World. So now any topic I like will be a part of this blog.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be rolling out a personal project of mine. It will be a regular page, with regular updates on one of my major pet peeves. Trust me, I do believe most of you out there will like it and hopefully will contribute to it as well. Hopefully you’ll see an announcement post for it by the middle of the month.

I mention once again that I am still recovering from my surgery back in November. I do plan on going more in depth about this in the future. I hope you will be patient as I try to get back into a regular schedule here.

Depending on how things go these next couple of months, more changes could be coming by the start of the New Year. So I do hope you’ll keep coming by and checking in. Who knows what might happen.


Originally published January 1, 2014