Are Used Games Really That Big A Deal?

I was at a Gamestop today, just browsing wasn’t looking for anything in particular, and re-noticed something I’ve noticed before. The prices for used games (or used anything) there, really aren’t that big of a savings in relation to new. Which really makes me ask the question, are used game sales really that big a deal?

In general the price difference between a used game and new game (same title, same console) could be a five or ten dollar difference. For me, that’s not enough to make me want to buy used. I’m surprised it makes anyone really want to buy used in that case.

I’ve done pretty equal buying in used and new. The number one reason I’ve bought used, there was no new copy available on an older game. I’ve yet to buy used due to price. If the game is new enough and Gamestop doesn’t have it, I go elsewhere rather than buying used.

I’ll grant you I must be in the minority, mainly because Gamestop is still around and claims used is big business for them. My thing is, I just don’t see how.

So for those out there that have bought used, why did you? Please leave some comments. Personally I’m not seeing the logic of buying used when the savings is five or ten dollars. I’d even go so far as to ask about other things there, electronics, consoles and such. Truth be told, there’s not much of a savings by buying used over new there. So what is the big attraction of buying used there? Obviously some are doing it, otherwise they wouldn’t be continuing. Let’s get some answers to this.


Originally published July 8, 2013