Batman/Superman Movie Announced

Well, it looks like Mr. Shock actually called one. At Comic-Con it was announced that the next major DC movie would be a Batman/Superman combo. Reading that headline made me giddy with excitement and also gave me the big head since I was right about something for a change.

Then reality set in as I started reading what the prospective plan is so far, Batman vs. Superman. In fact during the panel discussion they read part of The Dark Knight Returns focusing on the Batman and Superman fight there. While seeing Batman and Superman fight on the big screen would be cool, I’d hate to think that this is the major focus of their movie plans.

Should there be conflict between these two characters, yes. I think these two are at their best when there is some conflict between them. I think it’s the fact that despite their differences they put that aside to work for the common good that makes their relationship interesting to watch.

While I would be interested in seeing a fight between these two on the big screen, I do hope it’s not going to be the main focus of the movie. I also hope they aren’t serious in naming it Batman vs. Superman. I think Nolan and Snyder have a bit more respect for what they’ve created recently to use such a name.

Overall, we’ll have to wait and see. I just hope some of this news is a false flag.


Originally published July 26, 2013