Gonna Try To Stop Update

Ok, for those that followed my post back on June 28, I wanted to give a quick update as to my progress. But, as of yesterday I’m entering week 2 smoke free. So I’m doing good there. I will say that if it weren’t for the puffs off the e-cig I wouldn’t have made it this long. I also add, despite the e-cig I’ve been withdrawing quite nicely (yes I’m being sarcastic).

I did get knocked around by some intestinal discomforts over the last few days. I’ve been dealing with the other lovely physical withdrawal symptoms as well. It’s been a rough couple weeks. I will happily warn anyone who will try to quit that it’s not going to be pleasant. Don’t let anyone tell you it is, they is lying. It’s hard, it’s painful, it’s absolutely no fun at all. In all honesty, if I’d have known what I was gonna go through the last few days, I likely would have postponed stopping. This withdrawal shit sucks big ones.

Now that I’ve said that, there have been some cool side effects. The sense of taste and smell actually do improve, and apparently rather quickly. I’ve been noticing a gradual difference there the last couple days. One thing, for me anyway everything has tasted a bit saltier than usual. Anyone else have that issue? Other than that, it’s been rather interesting. To some degree it’s been like tasting food again for the first time. As for smell, well that’s a double edge sword. Let’s just say, stay away from babies for a while.

Overall, my crankiness has improved. Cravings are still there, but I knock them back with a few puffs off the e-cig and go back to doing whatever. Likely it’s too early for this kind of change, but on Monday I mowed the lawn without feeling as winded as I used to get. Could be psychosomatic, could be real I’m not sure.

If all goes well, I’ll give another update on this topic again in a couple weeks.


Originally published July 16, 2013