Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer

The Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer was released a little while ago. You can go watch it here.

To put it simply, WOW. This game keeps looking better and better with every new tidbit released about it.

To start with, the world looks incredible. Once again Rockstar has hit a homerun in this regard. From the highest peaks of mountains to the lowest depths of oceans this game is going to be full of places to explore.

I admit to not being overly sure of the three character play at first, but it is starting to grow on me. The ability to just hop in and out of the lives of these three at will sounds like a cool feature. While I still have some question of this ability during actual missions, mainly how difficult will it be dealing with the change of perspective. What is shown in the video is going from one guy in a room to a sniper across the way. If you make that change in game it could take a second to get used to the new perspective you’re going to. I do worry about that.

I also liked the look of the new shooting (inventory) mechanics. It will finally be nice to have an interface that will allow you to switch quickly to the weapon you want rather than having to scroll through them all.

So, other than one little worry, this game is still looking great. I’m counting down the days to September 17 for this one.


Originally published July 9, 2013