NCAA and EA Partnership is Over

I’ve been looking at the recent news release from the NCAA saying they will not be renewing the contract with EA. While this is a big deal, if you think about it and read the NCAA’s press release here you’ll find this may not be the end of the world for video games based on college athletics.

Unlike the NFL and other sports leagues that hold their teams tightly, the NCAA was just a governing body. They were there to enforce the rules. They had no other sway over the individual institutions. All this means is that the NCAA logo and name is no longer involved in the game. So the next game could simply be called College Football 2015 for instance.

It still is up to each college to determine if they will still be on board with EA. If they choose to go ahead and let their logos be in the game, great. If not, I’m sure EA can come up with a substitute for those that decide to back out as well. So, to put is simply there can and likely will be college based games in EA’s future.

I believe the same can be said for the bowl games as well. I don’t think, in Football, that the bowl games are NCAA named, they are individual entities as well. Even the Championship game. So there shouldn’t be issues even for post season football play in whatever college football game they decide to do.

The only real problem could come with a college basketball game, where the NCAA is prominent. It’s the NCAA Tournament for Pete’s sake. How EA will deal with this one, if they even choose to, is a real question mark for me. They may dump this one by the wayside, or create their own tournament name.

In conclusion, depending on how the individual schools react, this isn’t a really big deal. We’ll just have to take a wait and see attitude on it. My money is on EA though to come through with something.