Gonna Try to Stop

So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but I’m a smoker. I’ve been pretty much a pack a day one for some time now. I have also tried quitting before. I’ve used the patch, gum and lozenges to no avail. While the nicotine replacement was ok, the problem for me was needing a replacement for taking a drag off a cigarette and exhaling the smoke. Well now I’m going to try again.

Over the weekend I got hold of one those electronic cigarettes, a disposable one. Supposedly it had enough stuff in it to be the equivalent of about 1 and a half packs. I’ve been using it now in conjunction with a regular pack of cigarettes for the last 4 days. I’ve been finding that a few drags off the e-cig every hour or so has caused that one pack of cigarettes to last 3 days.

So starting today, right after I finish writing this and posting it….I’m making the switch to the e-cig in an attempt to quit. My hope is to ween myself off those in about month, but we’ll see. At the very least, I’ll be regular (smoke, ash, smelly) cigarette free.

I’m going to add that this is not a recommendation of e-cigs in anyway. This isn’t a recommendation to use them for smoking cessation. This is something I’m trying to do to quit. This is my tool to help quit.

I hope you’ll wish me luck, and I will give updates. I figure coming out and doing this in this fashion might actually help as well. Having more people rooting for me might get me over the top.

So, on this note. I wish you all a good day.


Originally published June 27, 2013