It’s Been A Little Bit

It’s been a little while since I last posted. I guess it’s been almost a month now. So what all have I been doing during that time away…mostly working, but I’ve been doing some writing as well. Granted, not here like should, but writing none the less.

It has been an interestingly creative period lately for me. I’m not sure where the hell it came from, other than in the dark and twisted recesses of my mind that is, but it has been enjoyable. I’ve been writing some more on the one Star Trek story I’ve told you about. I had an interesting idea come to me that I’m fleshing out in an outline in hopes to really get to writing it sometime next month. Then somewhere in all that came some ideas on some adult oriented stories as well.

So mainly my focus has been on all these stories, rather than getting on here and writing about the stuff I’ve been writing about here. I’ve decided that won’t be the case any longer. So now, not only will you be able to read the regular posts but you can have the option of reading some of the stories as well.

I came to this conclusion after some debate, not only about posting the stories in the first place but how to post them. I decided rather than make them like regular posts where they are kinda forced out there in the feeds, I’ll put them out there as pages where they’ll be here for you to read if you choose. Especially right now as the stories I’m putting up are of an adult nature with content covering bondage and BDSM. Why only adult nature stories right now? Well, mainly because they are short stories that are finished. The other things are bigger works and unfinished.

So, in conclusion, I’m turning this blog into a full site. I’ll come here to make more regular posts like I planned on doing to begin with, and then can come in here and work on some stories as well. I figure writing here might end up help me in the writing over there. Up there at the top you’ll see a header labeled “Stories” and from there you can read at your own volition. I hope you will be kind with any comments.


Originally posted June 19, 2013