Major XBox One Update

According to several sites I’ve seen with IGN being the main one here, it looks as if the people have not only spoken loudly, but have been heard by Microsoft.

To put it simply my friends, there will apparently no longer be a required “phone-home” every 24 hours. After you set up your system initially, there won’t be a need to have an internet connection to play your games.

They have also given in on the restrictions that they were going to have on sharing and used games. They have now said that they will have the same system that is currently with the 360.

To put it simply, this is a major mea culpa for Microsoft. They don’t back down lightly, don’t think I’ve ever seen them do so before actually. This is major.

This also would seem to take some of the worry off of the potential privacy busting Kinect. If you don’t have to have the XBox One connected to the internet, technically (and I said technically) you don’t have to worry about the thing watching you and reporting you to Microsoft.

So now the question is this, does this backpedal make up for the bad blood that erupted originally? Will this change the minds of people who because of the restrictions, decided against the XBox One?

For me personally, the answer is no. I will say that I won’t be an early adopter of either system though. I’ve mentioned before the games that I want are going to be on the current gen of consoles, so I won’t need one of the new ones for a while. I’m gonna take my time and read reviews and make decisions based on that. But, I’m still leaning toward the PlayStation 4 pretty heavily.

What say you? Let’s get some feedback on what you think of Microsoft’s announcement. Will it change your mind? Let us know in the comments below.


Originally published June 19, 2013