Man of Steel and The Rest of The DC Universe

Like the Lady before me, I don’t usually write reviews. Mainly because reviews are just opinions and we all have opinions. What I find awesome others would say sucks, what others say is awesome I might find it sucks. However I will give a very brief review of the Man of Steel here before going on with the rest of what I want to talk about.

WOW….Go See This Movie!

Review done.

Now I wish to talk about the rest of the DC Universe. First off, keep letting Christopher Nolan have the keys. His universe so far is a nice contrast to Marvel’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Marvel Universe that has been shown so far. But I’ve always been a DC fan at heart and seeing this grittier and more grounded universe has been great.

Secondly, let’s get a Batman and Superman team up movie going soon. The universe that is featured in Man of Steel is not too different from that of the Batman trilogy. Let’s take advantage of that by teaming those two up. If they are wanting to make a Justice League movie, it starts with Batman and Superman. They will need to recast Bruce Wayne/Batman, but they can still have him be the same character we saw in the other movies. As for a villain, let’s go with Lex Luthor maybe mixed in with Penguin. I shy away from saying Joker, I still think it’d be too soon on that. Batman and Superman could be a quick to screen team up if they hurry. Neither would need “origin” stories, they could just keep moving forward.

Thirdly, as they work on the team up. Get the ball rolling on the other individuals. Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman. Keep Nolan in the mix on all these so the universe can remain consistent.

Lastly, get the script writing started on Justice League. Having the Batman/Superman team up would help there. They will have already worked together, they could see the threat is bigger than them and they go to recruit the others. If you start with two already working together, then getting the rest together would be easier.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on all that. But I will repeat, go see the Man of Steel. It really was awesome.


Originally published June 18, 2013