A Moment about a Rainbow

rainbowWeather amazes me. Today for example we started off with a cool but sunny morning. Then the rains came as it warmed up a bit. A short thunderstorm rolled through and to top it off, there’s snow in the forecast for tonight. Interesting day to say the least.

I went outside just a few minutes ago though. Sun is shining nicely and while cool it is still comfortable, but you can feel the air changing and getting colder. But the amazing thing was the rainbow I just saw. The bottom of it was as bright and glowing like neon. Just flat out beautiful. Made me glad that I took that time to head outside. The picture I took doesn’t do it justice at all.

Now we all know there’s all kinds of scientific stuff to explain rainbows and the weather. But, sometimes it’s just fun to forget all those facts, sit back and be amazed. So go out and find yourself a rainbow. Let’s face it, life could use more amazing moments nowadays.


Originally published March 5, 2013