Congratulations Pope Francis I

There’s a new Pope and I have to say I didn’t expect it this fast. Whether Catholic or not, it is history in the making. So, I hope you all are paying attention to this.

First off, he’s the first Pope from the America’s. That alone is amazing and I wonder if that had anything to do with his choosing a papal name that had never been used before. He’s the first Pope to come outside of Europe in, I believe it was said a¬†millennium.

Based on what little I’ve quickly gathered of him, he seems rather humble. Apparently he did away with some if not most of the trapping of his office in Argentina. He puts service to others as one of the more important things for the church to be doing.

Overall I think it will be interesting to watch what he does. He should bring in a very different perspective to the Vatican than they have ever had. Here’s a brief article I found about him.

Once again we live in interesting times my friends with history being made everyday. I hope you’re paying attention.


Originally posted March 13, 2013