Justice League of America Rumors

I’ve been seeing rumors regarding the proposed Justice League of America movie. Namely, that Christopher Nolan will be the man in charge and the potential for Christian Bale to play Batman in it. If those rumors are true all I can say is…..YIPEEEEE

Nolan has proven he can handle superhero movies with his take on the Dark Knight trilogy. So far reports are that the new Superman movie he is producing is looking good as well. If Nolan has managed to keep the overall universe that these characters share consistent, there really could be a chance for a good JLA movie for the DC Universe. However if there are stand alone movies for other characters, then the rumor that Nolan is going to be overseeing those will need to be true as well.

I also think that a “darker” more reality based JLA movie would be a great contrast to the over the top world of the Avengers. There definitely is room for both kinds of superhero movies considering the box office appeal of the Dark Knight trilogy and all the Marvel hero movies.

Put simply, I’m hoping these rumors are true. I also hope that Warner Brothers will hurry up and get off their asses and give us a Wonder Woman movie soon.

So, until next time….


Originally published March 5, 2013