My Star Trek Rewatch: Star Trek Enterprise

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was going through the process of rewatching all of Star Trek again. I mainly do this on Monday’s as that’s the best day for me to have the time to watch a lot of episodes at once. Now that I’m only 5 episodes away from being done with Enterprise, I thought I’d go ahead and share my thoughts on this version of Star Trek since I know my opinion won’t change with the last batch of episodes.

Enterprise has taken a lot of grief and is generally considered the worst incarnation of Star Trek. While I will save my overall ranking of the different series for a later date, I will say it doesn’t deserve all the grief it has gotten. Were there problems, yes but taken as a whole it really wasn’t that bad.

Let’s start with some of the problems. The temporal cold war arc for me was the main one. I don’t mind time travel episodes in Star Trek, but all that timey wimey temporal stuff that was going on was too much. Plus it was way off base with what we knew of time travelers from the other series. If there had been some mention of a “time war” or something like it in other series, the temporal cold war thing could’ve flown, but we never had any inkling of any major temporal occurrence in any of the other series. I realize Enterprise is a prequel and they had to pull some things out of thin air, but that plot was too much.

The Xindi arc was another issue for me. I loved the idea of a season long arc, but in this case it was stretched thin to make it last. For me, there were only two great episodes in that whole season; North Star and Carpenter Street. Season 3 was pretty much bleh for me.

My biggest problem with Enterprise wasn’t story related though, it was character related and had to do with friendships or rather the lack thereof. All the other Treks had friendships that carried throughout their runs. Enterprise, while having some great moments at attempting it, never really pulled it off. I think that’s what hurt it the most at least for me.

While I haven’t rewatched it yet, I will touch on the series finale. I have to agree with the majority that it was a cheap ending. While I loved the episode and feel it was a great concept, it should’ve been placed somewhere else during that season rather than making it the finale.

For some good now. Enterprise holds one of my favorite Trek episodes of any series, Carbon Creek. While it’s main focus was on other characters this single episode showed what should’ve been a promising start of a friendship between T’Pol, Archer and Tucker that could’ve come close to Kirk, Spock and McCoy. The banter those three had with each other in the overall short time we saw them in that episode was priceless. It makes the overall disappointment of how that potential beginning ended up all the worse.

To conclude, I enjoyed Enterprise when it aired and now as I rewatch it again. Watching it first helps put it more into context with the rest of the Star Trek Universe. Yes, there are canon issues and what not. But, for the most part I truly believe they did the best they could. Does Enterprise deserve some of the grief it gets, yes. However it doesn’t deserve all that it gets.


Originally posted March 12, 2013