Then the Snow Fell….

Yep, the snow fell here yesterday. Overall it wasn’t much, maybe a couple inches, but it was enough to shut down schools for the day and make the morning rush commute a bit of slippery fun. I had no problems getting in, but I was the first in the office yesterday. When I exited my car it was amazing at how quiet it was outside. My office is on a main road that gets traveled pretty heavily under normal conditions, but with school called off there was barely any traffic to speak of on it. There was a fresh blanket of snow on the grass, it was rather picturesque.

But it got me to thinking about how life changes when you’re an “adult”. As a kid, when it snowed, I’d be right up next to the radio listening to find out if school was called off or not. The anticipation as the announcer moved down the list of closed schools, then the joy when they read off mine. There was nothing like an unplanned day off school. However as an adult seeing snow, I turn on the TV to watch the local news to see about the weather. I hop on the internet to check the Department of Transportation’s website to see how the roads are and also checked a webcam located not too far from my work to see how the road was there. Then I got dressed and ready to go to work.

A brief pause here to say that my drive in was rather un-adult. With it being dark outside and snow coming down and flying by my windows, I did imagine I was traveling at Warp speed (for the Star Wars fans it was like Hyperspace). So, I do get some enjoyment out of snow. Now back to the original program.

As kids we view snow as magical and fun. As adults we view it as a damn nuisance to getting to work. As kids we get build snowmen, go sledding and have snowball fights. As adults, we still have to go to work to bring home the bacon. Ok, I also admit that I did throw a snowball at a co-worker yesterday, but I never admitted I was a fully an adult despite my age.

I understand our priorities in life have to change. I find it a shame that we seem to have to leave the magic and wonder of childhood behind though. I did realize yesterday I haven’t lost it all though. I traveled at Warp 6.5 on the interstate yesterday with the stars whizzing past and had a rather pathetic attempt at a snowball fight. So I think I’m still good.

My point, next time it snows take a few minutes to be a kid again. Have a little fun in it. I doubt you’ll regret it.


Originally published March 7, 2013