They Called it the Defense of Marriage Act? or Why DOMA is a Joke.

I figured I’d give it a couple days to allow myself to read up on the Supreme Court cases involving marriage before weighing in with any sort of opinion.

The main case has to do with DOMA, what a joke with that name right. First off it’s blatantly clear that it is a law designed to discriminate. If this were an actual law about Defending Marriage, I’d expect to see things banning divorce and banning adultery with appropriate penalties applied. If you’re serious about defending marriage, why not target the two biggest things that actually do the most damage to it. Why not add in there, if you get a divorce you are no longer permitted to get married again. If you get caught committing adultery you pay a hefty fine. But no, those two things are not in there. What is in there, a same-sex couple cannot have the same rights as a heterosexual couple when it comes to marriage. It’s discrimination plain and simple.

What about the sanctity of marriage? What a joke that is as well, considering the divorce rate. Seriously, heterosexuals have been hurting the “sanctity of marriage” enough by themselves. How in the world would allowing same-sex marriage do any more harm? Heck, it might even improve our stats for a change. If not, we all know there’s plenty of divorce lawyers out there ready and willing to take these cases. But don’t give me the sanctity of marriage of B.S. when divorce is still legal.

Marriage is between one man and one woman. Would someone please point out that line in the Constitution for me please. I’ve looked, searched and believe it or not, there’s not a mention of marriage in the Constitution. Just a reminder, that’s the book the Supreme Court Justices are supposed to be dealing with. The one man and one woman deal, that’s a religious issue which means it has no bearing on this case. If they were to uphold DOMA based on that argument, they would be in violation of the First Amendment for upholding and therefore endorsing a religious tenet.

DOMA is blatant discrimination that like the Jim Crow laws of the old South need to be abolished. DOMA needs to be struck down, and the Federal Government needs to recognize marriage on all levels equally.

Marriage is about love, trust, caring, and putting someone else’s welfare and needs over your own. Heterosexuals don’t hold a monopoly on those qualities. All human beings have the capacity to do it, no matter who is on the receiving end. We desperately need more examples of love today than we do this needless hate.

So, that’s my complete un-expert opinion, for all that it matters.


Originally published March 28, 2013