Welcome to March

Hello all, here we are again starting a brand new month. In case you’re wondering, yes I plan on doing a start of the month post when I can.

March already, the time is flying. March is a great month though. We have St. Patrick’s Day, the official start of Spring (and yes Mother Nature I expect 60 degree temps and sunshine on the 20th), Easter is falling on the 31st this year which coincidentally is Mr. Shock’s birthday. So I’ll have to update my bio page this month. Maybe more importantly, Doctor Who restarts with the second half of season 7 at the end of the month.

I’m amazed that two months in I’ve been able to hold myself to my two postings a week pledge. When I started this that pledge to myself was to make sure I wrote. Now though, I’m enjoying it so much I may up my postings. I’m not going to up my pledge, but I may post more often as the mood strikes.

Now that I’ve gotten back into a routine of writing, I also will likely start looking at some of the fictional works I’ve started in the last couple years. I have a Star Trek based story, with my own crew, that I’ve been working on that has been begging for attention for a while. A few “adult oriented” stories that have needed some editing and whatnot as well. Along with a few ideas that need to be fleshed out. Of course now that I’ve posted this, it’ll help keep me honest and actually start looking and working on them again. I’m not overly sure about whether they will be posted here or not, that is still in an internal debate, but there is that possibility. I am leaning towards creating a whole new site for the Star Trek thing, since that could be something ongoing. Of course I guess I could start it here and move it if I wanted. Decisions, decisions.

So my plans for this month are now out there. Hopefully this post will help keep me honest and push me to get some work done.

I hope you all had a wonderful February, and here’s to a fantastic March for one and all.


Originally posted March 1, 2013