More GTA V Goodness

Once again Rockstar has graced us with a gift of information on the next Grand Theft Auto. Three trailers for the game, each focusing on an individual character came out and to put it simply…I still can’t wait for this game. September just isn’t going to come soon enough. If you haven’t seen them yet, head over here to IGN and take a look. Impressive aren’t they.

So far I think Trevor is going to be the most fun to play. He reminds me of Boyd Crowder from the TV show Justified. I imagine he’ll be my fist pick to play. Likely it’ll come down to a coin toss on the other two. Not that they aren’t compelling characters in their own right.

I think it’s over all amazing at how well Rockstar is setting up each character with a back story that you’re going to care about. Granted this is nothing new for Rockstar. They have always done a great job at character development, but this is the first time where three characters are going to be fully playable. It’ll be interesting to see how the different personalities affect game play.

Once again the visuals are stunning. It seems no detail has been left behind on this one. The city skyline, the country settings, all seem full of life and dare I say it, beauty. It’s likely going to be just as fulfilling to drive around the large map and take everything in, as it will to fulfill your missions. I’m already looking forward to driving up to the observatory looking thing seen in the background during Michael’s trailer. Be very cool if you’re able to go inside…hint hint Rockstar.

While to some degree I’m still wondering how the game play dynamic will work with three playable characters, Rockstar keeps showing me stuff that places that fear on the back burner. This game is going to blow us out of the water and will start setting the stage for the GTA VI for the next gen consoles.

Put it simply, I STILL CAN”T WAIT, but it’s only 138 more days from today.

So, until next time….


Originally published May 1, 2013